Rogue Fox Guild

Official Rogue Fox Guild Whitepaper, last updated 21 Mar 2022

Rogue Fox Guild is the First 'Play to Earn' Roguelike Adventure game

Game trailer video

Quest in the Barren Lands, Win battles and earn rewards.

You can take on quests either solo or in a group. No quest plays out exactly the same so be prepared for challenging battles and exciting surprises. In this epic rogue-like adventure, you’ll connect your wallet, choose your NFT avatar, equip your NFT items (some rare, some epic), meet up with your friends in a city hub and head off on a quest.
Buy, sell and loan your items - the game is designed so that you can profit while playing the game, but also when you don’t.



Our mission is to create a P2E game experience that is also fun and engaging. Play-to-earn gaming does not have to be boring and dumbed down. We like the game styles and mechanics of games like Darkest Dungeon, Don’t Starve and Slay the Spire. We aim to create a gaming experience that is inspirational, memorable, but also fun. We believe that P2E is the future, and we aim to be the leaders of engaging P2E games.


RFG is a community-driven project where the community has a say in what we build, and how we build it. RFG is open to all, the community is diverse and inclusive. It doesn’t matter how versed you are in blockchain or blockchain gaming - RFG is here to help and guide community members in the crypto world, and provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to excel in the crypto gaming world
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