Built in Unity

RFG is built on top of the Unity game engine. Since Unity can build to many different platforms, this gives us the flexibility to expand to other platforms in the future.
The game will initially be browser focused as this enables us to iterate quickly and build the game along with our community using lean principles.
RFG will also be a 2D focused game enabling a small team to create many more assets than would be possible in a 3D game.
The multiplayer aspects of the game will initially be on Photon, since this is an industry standard but may move to the new Unity multiplayer solution as that matures.
Item drops will be handled by our Node.js back-end and the Polygon blockchain. Using Polygon means that players will enjoy both lower gas fees and faster transactions than if the game was built directly on the ethereum block-chain.
All item smart contracts will be written in Solidity, which is the current industry standard.