Getting Started

Rogue Fox Guild is a browser based game so all you need to get started is a browser with the MetaMask extension installed. The game will be directly accessible from our main site at Once you have clicked on the game link you will be asked to connect your wallet and switch to the Polygon network. Once you have completed these steps you will be able to view any Genesis Foxes you have in your wallet and check out their rarities and traits. You can then choose which Fox you would like to enter the game with and click 'Play' to enter the game.
Depending on which stage of development we are at, you will either enter the platforming game or the social city hub. Once we have implemented the city hub, the platforming game will become one of many experiences you can access from the hub. The city hub is a safe area where you can trade items, chat with other players and group up to venture out into the Barren Lands looking for loot and glory!

Play to Earn (P2E)

By linking your wallet and playing with a Genesis Fox you will have full access to the city hub and the barren lands. However certain foxy traits will unlock unique quests, encounters & rare items. This means that a combination of gameplay, skill and traits will be needed to get the rarer items in the game.
Since these powerful items will be needed to complete higher end content, a strong, diverse trade economy will become a major aspect of the game. Due to this, we expect the price of Genesis Foxes to increase as there will only ever be 10,000 Genesis Foxes in the world. At some point the price of these Foxes will be unattainable by most players necessitating our 'Loan to Earn' feature.

Loan to Earn (L2E)

Genesis Fox owners will have the ability to loan their Foxes to other players. Since this will be done via a Smart Contract, the process will be both seamless and secure.
Lending parameters such as: initial loan price, loan duration, revenue split and loot split can be set by the owner. Both parties will then need to agree to the terms set by these parameters and the loan will then proceed.
While the Genesis Fox is loaned out, the owner will not be able to use the Fox in-game but will be able to view relevant stats on the progress of the Fox in the hands of the loanee.
The Genesis Fox owner that lends out their Fox gets potentially a passive revenue share from quests, items gained and a levelled up Fox.
The loanee gets to play with a Genesis Fox (and all the benefits that brings) AND potentially gets a revenue share from quests and items gained.