The Platformer Game

The platformer game will be the first part of the Rogue Fox Guild game to be playable by the Genesis Collection holders. Initially it will be a standalone experience but eventually will become part of the main game, accessible via the city hub.
The platformer game has the following key features:
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Mario style platforming mechanics
  • Collection of Foxy Pesos
  • Multiple levels of increasing difficulty
  • Genesis Fox holder privileges


The platformer game will have the simplest tokenomics of all the Rogue Fox Guild experiences. Players will need to add Foxy Pesos to The Pot to have a chance of winning all the Foxy Pesos they collect in-game. Once they have added FPs to The Pot they can do a 'Run'. They can only do one 'Run'. The more they put in The Pot, the sooner they can do a 'Run' and the larger their coin multiplier. Before they do a 'Run', they can practise as much as they like although non Genesis Fox holders only get 3 practise attempts. Additionally, Genesis Fox holders get larger coin multipliers dependent on the number of Foxes they are holding and their combined rarity scores.


Players win by successfully completing all levels. If they win, they get to keep every FP they have collected, up to the total contents of The Pot. If they lose... well they don't get anything :-( .

Empty Pot

Once The Pot is empty, a new, randomly generated set of levels is created and The Pot is opened up ready for the next session.

Additional Explanations

Community wallet gets 1% of winnings.
For the beta we will have FakeyPesos just to check the functionality without risking people's FPs.